Top Places To Visit in Chitwan

If we talk about Tourism in Nepal, then you should not forget about Chitwan. In fact, this place is one of the most popular attractions for tourists. No matter which tour package you use, Chitwan will be there in your list. Also, there are many places to visit Chitwan. If you are traveling solo or with your guide, it is really important for you to know places in Chitwan.

Important things to Know: You might not be aware, but Chitwan is one of the most developed cities of Nepal. Also, Chitwan is an education hub, especially for Medical & Management students.

Top Places To Visit in Chitwan

Below, we will give you the list of top places to visit in Chitwan. We are arranging these places as per their popularity. Apart from our mentions, there are many places that you might want to explore. If yes, then let us know in the comment below.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is the first national park of Nepal. It is located in the Terai region and established in the year 1973. Every year, millions of tourists visit Chitwan National Park to witness the wildlife of Nepal. The main aim of establishing this national park is to protect the endangered animal.  Here we can see many wildlife animals such as elephant, Rhino, Tiger, Leopard, Lion, Wild Buffalo, etc.


As Chitwan is known for its wildlife, Similarly, Sauraha is famous for elephant riding and observe the natural beauty of Sauraha. Also, there is a famous Sunset point near the Rapti river. Yearly many internal and external tourists visit here for various purposes. Also, you can witness many wild animals like bears, leopard, crocodile, Snakes, Birds and more.


If you are visiting Chitwan, then Jalbire is one of the places you must check. It is not exactly located in Chitwan but lies between the Chitwan – Narayanghad Highway. There is a waterfall from the 60 meter high hills. Alongside you can witness some amazing naturally created ponds. Jalbire is surrounded with natural beauty & this can be a perfect gateway form your hectic schedule.

Narayani Bridge River Side

If you want an amazing Lake view, chilling with a beer and some great food, then Narayani Bridge is the spot for you. The bridge was built in the year 1980 & has a length of 420 meters. In fact, this is the perfect couple spot, where you will witness many couples visit the Narayani riverside to spend & enjoying the beautiful river view.

Also, if you like Photography, then you will find this an amazing spot to click your memorable photos.

Chiraichuli Hills

Chiraichuli is the highest peak located at Terai region in Chitwan district. This hill is quite popular for having an amazing sun rising location. If you want to visit here you must walk an hour and stay one night there to see the morning sunrise.

Rani Pokhari

Local people believe that this small lake was made by king when he visit Chitwan and gave name as Ranipokari. In the beginning Domestic animal such as Cow, Buffalo used to bath here. When many tourists start to visit Chitwan people see this Pokhari as a tourist destination and started to develop the Pokhari and made small small shop around there. You  can get boating facility if you visit here by paying small amount of money.



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