Magar Culture

Magar is a cast of Nepal. According to their own culture, it has many own traditional cultures, foods, festivals, clothes, language, etc. According to the Nepal cencus of 2011, 7.1% population of Nepal are Magar. Magar cast has many sub-casts (like Thapa, Pun, Rana, Garanja, Sinjali, etc.)as per its Traditions. Nowadays, It has its own Magar language school for Magar students. Magars follow the Hinduism, Buddhism, Christian, and Bon. Many Magars follow the Bahun Traditions and they observe the same festival which observes the Bahun pilgrims.

Cultural God

Dhami Jhakri

The main cultural god of Magar is Dhami, Jhakri, Kuldevata, Bayudevata. The day of worship to god, the family of a Magar is meet in one house and they worship their God by the blood of animals. On this occasion, they celebrate this festival by cut their goats, hens, buffalo, etc. On this day, they celebrate this festival by singing and dancing.

Cultural Foods

Many casts have their own cultural foods. Batuk(Bara), Sell, Chini, are the items of roties of Magar culture and Khichadi, Khir, Dido, are the items of foods of Magar culture. This is the cultural Roties and the foods of Magar cultures. They cook these foods and Roties on a special day.

Cultural Dances and Songs

Many casts have their own Cultural dances and songs and Magar culture have their own dances and songs. According to our ancient, dancing and singing is the gift for Magar casts and Magars are the king for the singing and dancing, and women and men both are takes participate in these cultural dances. Maruni, Sorathi, Chudka, Jhyaure, Salaijyu are the types of folk songs of Magar cultures. They sing their songs in their own special festival. Nowadays, Magars use to sing Churka songs in marriage and parities.

Cultural Cloths

Magar Cultural Dress

Magar culture has its own cultural cloths. In the Nepali language, it is called “Magar dress”. Men are wear the Dhoti, Bhangra, Dhaka Topi, white shirt, Estakot and others cloths and women wear Lungi with Patuka, Chola, Blouse, Ghalek, and others cloths. Nowadays, It also called “Magar Dress” and It is very famous because of it’s beauty. Nowadays, other cast peoples also wear the Magar dress.

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