Best Places To Visit In Manang

About Manang District

Manang District is a part of Dhaulagiri  zone and part of Gandaki state. It is also one of the part of seventy seven district of Nepal. It covers an area of 3573 km. Its  population is over 13452. According to fact, this district get low rainfall in comparison to other district of Nepal. This district is also a major and popular tourist attraction place of Nepal. It is a border between Nepal and china. Agriculture and animal husbandry are major occupation of this district. It is also known as one of the desert district of Nepal. If you are planning to visiting Manang then please read this article which will guide you and provide information about Manang. Some of the best places to visit in Manang are mention below with its details.

Places In Manang

Thorong La

Thorang La is a mountain. It pass with an elevation of 5416 meters from the sea level in Damodar Himal. It is also called one of the popular tourist attraction place. The pass is located on trial which connects Manang in Manang district in the east, with Muktinath Temple. It is the highest  point on Annapurna circuit.  It has 300 km route around the mountain range from Annapurna circuit.

Thorong La - Top PLaces In Manang

Ghore Pani Village

Ghore Pani is a village located at Myagdi District in the Dhaulagiri Zone Northern-central Nepal. It lies 17 kilometers from the district capital of Beni Bazzar. It lies on major trial of several other village as well as Annapurna Base Camp. The village lies within Annapurna Conservation Area. It contains many guest house that provide lodging and meals to trekkers.

Ghore Pani Vilage - Manang
Source: TheHimalayTimes

Culture Of Manang

People of this district believes in chortens which protect them from natural calamities and harmful diseases. In this district, the majority of inhabitants are Gurung who speak their own language from their birth. This region has different unique ecological cultural diversity.

Local food

  • Dheedo
Dheedo is one of the local food of people of Manang. This food is considered for diabetic peoples because it is healthy food than others. This is also know as National food of Nepal. You can found this item in restaurants and hotels also.
  • Gundrook
Gundrook is also know as local food of this district. it is fermented leafy green vegetables.  It is not only popular in Nepal but also in every Gorkhali and Nepalese households of worldwide.  It is also mix with potatoes and beans in curry. Gundrook is sour in taste.
  • Aalu  Tama
It is also one of the curry of people of this district . It is little bit sour in taste.  Aalu means ''potatoes'' where as Tama means ''bamboo sheets''. This curry is also very famous  in Newar culture. Many restaurants served this item too.
  • Dal Bhat Tarkali
Dal Bhat Tarkali is also tradition meal of Nepalese people. It consists of steamed rice and cooked lentil soup called dal with vegetable tarkali. Tarkali is also made up with chicken, Goat meat and fish.

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